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Jesus At The Door

Evangelism Made Easy



When I stepped onto the streets as a full time evangelist, The Holy Spirit began to download to me the words I was to use – Words of Life – that proceeded to unlock something within the strangers I was to encounter. Like keys to open their hearts, these “in the moment” downloads became known as “ Jesus At The Door”.

Image-laden Gospel-sharing In 2 minutes or less. From introduction all the way to salvation. In a relaxed, non threatening manner. In the following months, the Holy Spirit shaped the method that would eventually lead thousands to Jesus. One by one, day by day, town by town, nation by nation.



  • Rescue those drowning in life’s ocean. 

  • Revive them through our new believers family discipleship groups. 

  • Release them into the world as soldiers of Christ armed with the Good News of the Gospel. 

The rescued become the rescuers.



Discipleship has always been the beating heart behind Jesus At The Door. Our desire is to partner with the local Church to awaken a sleeping giant in the area of soul winning and disciple making. We want to not only come to shift something in your Church/community, while we’re there.

We want to continue this partnership after we leave by encouraging and resourcing YOU as you develop your own culture of evangelism






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“Scott and Jaye McNamara are going to change the world with Jesus At The Door. I have seen it first hand out on the streets and even at my band Korn’s concerts. God’s presence is on this ministry in a very unique way.”

Brian Welch, Co-founder of the band Korn and New York Times best-selling author


“Jesus At The Door is one of the most effective tools that I have seen to help equip the body of Christ to share about Jesus. I have personally been with Scott and have witnessed purity in the presentation of the gospel and with hot tears after Scott has shared the gospel through Jesus At The Door."

Chris Overstreet, Evangelist, Bethel Church, Redding, CA


“Jesus At The Door is a powerful ministry that provides amazing tools for bringing people to Christ. Jesus At The Door is a life transforming tool to transform you into a revivalist.”

Robby Dawkins, Author, Speaker, documentary subject and Equipper