About JAD 3:20

During his time as a full-time evangelist for Causeway Coast Vineyard, Scott McNamara asked God to teach him how to become more effective at talking to people about Jesus on the streets. Over the course of two years, with God’s guidance, Scott developed and refined an extremely simple method that can be memorised and used by anyone. JAD 3:20 is now a fully-fledged evangelism initiative that is equipping and empowering everyday Christians to actively witness on the street.

At the centre of this method is a series of questions that gives Christians a structured framework through which they can engage people on the street in a conversation about Jesus. We call this tool “JAD 3:20” or “Jesus At The Door” because of the simple picture it uses to catch people’s attention.

Jesus knocking at the door

Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me.
Revelation 3:20 (ESV)

We believe, as the infamous painting in St. Paul’s cathedral depicts, that at the heart of every person, Jesus is knocking on the door – but the handle is only on the inside. We use this simple metaphor to witness God’s love to people and make them aware of His presence – leaving the rest up to God. This is why we call the tool JAD 3:20.

“Teaching the church to catch”

We believe that evangelism should be like walking through an apple orchard, looking for ripe fruit. As we encounter each person, we think about them like an apple that could drop at any time. We work on the assumption that today is everybody’s day, until they decide it isn’t.

JAD 3:20 uses a simple, structured approach – seven simple questions that lead people to a place where they can decide whether they are ready to accept Jesus into their heart.

Through workshops and resources, JAD 3:20 seeks to equip, empower, and enable every believer to share their faith and lead people into relationship with Jesus.

“We share, He shakes”

We believe that it is our responsibility to ‘share’ and the Holy Spirit’s role to ‘shake’! This way, we are more reliant on God to work in peoples’ hearts and we stop trying to convince people into becoming Christians on the spot.

If today is not their day and they don’t make it to the end of the question set before saying, “no thank you” – that’s okay. We move on and focus on winning people to Christ.

It is this refreshing, no-pressure approach to evangelism that is reigniting a passion for sharing the Gospel message in every church Scott has visited.

About Scott

Scott McNamara is an evangelist for Jesus who grew up in a Christian home in Liverpool.

Scott has been through a real rollercoaster ride – God has walked with him from boyband success and near-stardom, through cocaine and alcohol addictions to near death experiences, to Bible smuggling in the east, finding his wife Jaye and completing a Cert in Theology from London School of Theology.

During a PTSD-induced relapse and subsequent marriage breakdown, Scott encountered God powerfully in a prodigal-father experience, where he was welcomed and clothed back to dignity by friends in the church. Soon after, he was reunited with his forgiving wife and children.

This experience and the unrelenting love of the Father has given Scott a real passion to see others know the love of Christ.

For the past three years, Scott has been on the streets 5 days a week, working as a full-time evangelist for Causeway Coast Vineyard church after being scouted by the pastor, Alan Scott.

For the past two years, Scott has been travelling to different churches, training them to use the technique God has helped him refine. By founding JAD 3:20 as a charity, Scott hopes to take this training to the church full-time and is looking for like-minded people to join him on a journey to bring the Kingdom of God, everywhere we go.

If you would like to book Scott to come and train your church or community in evangelism, get in touch below.

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