Scott and Jaye McNamara are going to change the world with Jesus At The Door. I have seen it first hand out on the streets and even at my band Korn’s concerts. I can honestly say I have never seen people respond out in public and give their lives to Jesus as much as I have seen with the McNamara’s new Jesus At The Door approach. God’s presence is on this ministry in a very unique way.
— Brian Welch, Co-founder of the band Korn and New York Times best-selling author of ‘Save Me From Myself‘.
Jesus At The Door is a powerful ministry that provides amazing tools for bringing people to Christ. Jesus At The Door is a life transforming tool to transform you into a revivalist.
— Robby Dawkins, Author, Speaker, documentary subject and Equipper
Jesus At The Door is one of the most effective tools that I have seen to help equip the body of Christ to share about Jesus. I have personally been with Scott and have witnessed purity in the presentation of the gospel and with hot tears after Scott has shared the gospel through Jesus at the door. Many have been born again. I believe in Scott and in the ministry that God has given him to present Jesus Christ to the world. Jesus stands at the door and is knocking on the hearts of men and women. I personally have become great friends with Scott and endorse his ministry its one that is pure in heart.
— Chris Overstreet, Evangelist, Bethel Church, Redding, CA
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We’ve been hugely inspired and encouraged as a church by Scott and his ministry. His passion and enthusiasm for reaching the lost is infectious and has left a lasting mark on us.
— Tim Hughes, Worship Leader/Songwriter Vicar St Luke’s Gas Street
We took our staff team out onto the streets of London with Scott. His teaching was exceptional and his example of stepping out in faith, taking risks, and welcoming people into the Kingdom was hugely inspiring. Couldn’t recommend Scott and this ministry more highly.
— Pete Hughes, KXC London
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Jesus At The Door is just brilliant. As a tool, it’s simple, effective and anointed. Jesus At The Door has pushed us out of the comfort zone and into the harvest field. I can’t recommend it enough.
— Al Gordon, Global VP, Alpha International
Jesus At The Door has the Holy Spirit’s hand print all over it. Since training our frontline workers we are already seeing many more of our clients come to faith and I know this is only the beginning. If every Christian was Jesus At The Door trained we wouldn’t need to pray for revival, it would just happen.
— Rod Williams, Head of Evangelism Christians against Poverty (CAP)
Truly thankful for Scott and his passion not only to see people come to faith through the Jesus At The Door tool but also to equip the body of Christ to preach the Gospel with confidence. Experiencing Scott in action, he is one of the most natural evangelists I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and Jesus At The Door allows anyone to confidently follow in his foot-steps. I highly recommend Scott and Jesus At The Door.
— Rueben Morley, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Relations Coordinator
We love Scott. He ́s one of the ”called ones” sent from the Father to share the love of His Son.
— Fergus Scarfe, GOD TV UK & Ireland Regional Director
Jesus at the Door is an evangelism approach which has seen thousands won to Christ. As an evangelist, Scott McNamara comes alongside people in an honest, sincere and straightforward way, allowing the truth of the Gospel to penetrate hearts as he simply shares Jesus’ invitation to be in relationship. It is truly inspiring to see how the Spirit is working through Jesus At The Door.
— David Jones, Vice President NGA, Luis Palau Association
Scott brought us his amazing story, a wonderful evangelism tool (JAD), and some highly practical evangelism training. Since his visit we’ve seen a fresh enthusiasm for outreach in our church and witnessed many people open their hearts to Jesus on our streets.
— John and Debby Wright, National Directors Of Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland
When I met Scott, I was deeply aware of the presence and power of God in him. He lives out the “Great Commission” and has a unique way of getting others to do the same. His training is simple but very powerful. I totally endorse his ministry.

Meeting Scott was monumental for me. I really don’t think I’ve come across more of a practical training from any other I have connected with.
— Bob Fulton, Vineyard
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Scott and Jaye are committed to leading people to faith everywhere they find themselves. The simplicity with which they share the Gospel is powerful. They have been a gift to us...as they will be to you.
— Kathryn Scott, Causeway Coast Vineyard
This endorsement comes with a warning: bringing in Scott McNamara to your church will empty your building and scatter your church into the streets. If this is what you’re looking for, you won’t be disappointed. All the non-evangelists in your church will find out that they can effectively do the work of an evangelist, share the Gospel, and lead people to Christ. This ministry will effectively equip your local church to scatter into the streets with the Gospel and gather in the harvest of the Father’s heart into the local church.
— Brian Blount, Crestwood Vineyard
I recently had the opportunity to spend about 45 minutes in downtown Portland with Scott McNamara. During that time we led 3 people into relationship with Christ and prayed for another young man who was gong through some challenges in his life. As Scott was sharing with various people I was reminded of the account in Mark’s gospel where some men lowered their friend through the roof of a home to get him to Jesus. Mark tells us “Jesus saw their faith.” Faith is visible! I actually saw faith on the faces of people Scott shared with. The look on their faces went from something like curiosity to faith and within just a few short minutes they were praying to redirect their lives toward following Jesus. The beauty of Scott’s approach is that it is simple and reproducible. I’m excited for the potential as this tool as we move forward in our region with bringing the gospel to a hungry population. As John Wimber said “All evangelism is good evangelism.
— Glenn Schroder, Portland Vineyard
Scott McNamara is the “real deal!” Not only is he a gifted evangelist that can help ignite a congregation to do the work of an evangelist, but he lives it himself. Scott is not just a show on the stage. He daily exemplifies and models what he presents. I personally experienced this during the week Scott stayed in our home. We rarely went anywhere without Scott sharing his faith, even in situations that I thought were not conducive to an evangelistic encounter. But with Scott, almost every encounter is evangelistic. It is this genuineness when not on the platform that transfers to his teaching—an ability in which he is also quite gifted! I am deeply thankful for my experience with Scott. I am convinced that you will be as well.
— Robert Gilbert, Crestwood Vineyard
Scott spent a weekend with our church teaching us the Jesus At The Door method. It was useful, solid and surprisingly effective; people really do respond to it. But more than a technique, it was Scott’s commitment to encourage and nurture our people that was just so hugely valuable. He takes Jesus at his word, then obeys and inspires confidence in us that we can do the same. In the year since Scott came to train us, we have consistently found his basic hypothesis to be correct; Jesus is working in peoples’ hearts in our local community all the time. If the church will just get out there and share, we will see person after person making profound steps towards God.
— Tom Thompson, Senior Pastor, Croydon Vineyard
I have been involved in evangelism for 23 years and Scott is one of the most spiritually gifted evangelists I have ever met. I have watched Scott also serve, learn and train others in what is one of the most important tasks of the Church.

For anyone who feels God is calling them to be an evangelist, here is my advice: spend time with Scott and ask him to pray for you. Whatever the anointing is…he’s got it.
— Mitch Belfast, Crown Jesus
Scott is the real deal. Having spent some time with him on the streets, I was eager to have him come and share his heart among many evangelists I have connected with. His teaching is practical, inspiring and littered with real-life stories of seeing the Holy Spirit move in power. Most excitedly though, was the delight on a friends face when he came back to share about leading someone to Christ on the streets for the first time using the Jesus At The Door method. Whether you are an evangelist or leader seeking to help the church step out in faith, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you connect with Jesus At The Door.
— Steve Wilson, King's Arms, Bedford
In the summer of 2015 we planted a church in St. Helens, Merseyside. Thankfully Scott and his team came over and provided training and partnership at that time. It was inspirational as well as fruitful. After a few days knocking on doors we saw over 75 people say a sinners prayer at the door step. We also saw several families go on with Jesus and receive baptism.
We have since used this training in tent missions and partnerships with other local churches. Through this we have seen hundreds come to know Jesus. This initiative is most definitely a Holy Spirit led work that will provide tremendous kingdom fruit in both the church and salvation. I look forward to any opportunity to work with Scott again. God Bless this Ministry.
— Steve Pilkington, Operation Hope Ministries