Meet Scott


Scott McNamara is the founder of Jesus At The Door.

An evangelism movement that is experiencing exponential growth due to its all inclusive gospel centred approach. Providing everyday believers with a practical yet powerful way to lead people to Jesus.

Framed around 9 points and a picture this imagery laden gospel sharing takes about 2 minutes from introduction to salvation. Inviting the user to learn how to grow in Spirit led evangelism! Evangelism is partnership- and partnership is power!

The Holy Spirit is our partner.

Our desire is to awaken the sleeping giant of evangelism (the wider Church), and remind them that The Great Commission wasn’t given to evangelists but to disciples. Everyone gets to play!

God has placed his favour on Scott and has entrusted him with the office of an evangelist. He travels the world equipping the body of Christ in how to bury their seasoned sowers mentality in favour of that of a relentless reaper.

Scott recently featured in Christian Movie/Documentary Finger Of God 2, alongside bonafide Christian rockstar Korn guitarist- Brian Head Welch.