LONDON - St. Paul's Hammersmith


I spoke at St Paul's Sunday services both morning and evening. After the morning gathering had finished a young shy girl in her 20s approached me, with tears streaming down her face. She told me, “This is what I know the Lord has been calling me to do”. I want to rescue people! I prayed for her and assured her she could do it. I sensed an evangelistic calling on her. 

At the beginning of the evening service the pastor opened with an invitation for people to share testimonies from the weekend. Then the young lady I had prayed for that morning stunned everybody as she gently relayed to the congregation how she had been so inspired by what she had heard that morning that she had left the meeting and approached a stranger to share the gospel with her. 

She then went on to tell us all that the lady she had stopped was in-fact the lady who is currently sat next to her. Wow!

Robin Moore