LONDON - St. Paul's Hammersmith


Emily, who is the worship leader at St Paul's, had been clearly struggling. I’d bumped into her and her evangelism partner and she was feeling frustrated at the lack of breakthrough. So I offered to partner with her for a time. She was able to watch as I led a lady to Jesus and she felt a little more encouraged. So off she went again.  Our time was closing in and with only minutes left before we had to head back to Church for our de-brief, she approached a man. This was her apple, she was able to take him all the way through Jesus At The Door and he responded and accepted Jesus. She was overjoyed. We’re living in John 4:35 days, where the harvest is plentiful. Therefore it is inconceivable that it would not happen.  

We will ALWAYS get the breakthrough but sometimes we may have to dig a little deeper. 

Robin Moore