LONDON - St. Paul's Hammersmith


As I left Church that evening I noticed two young men sitting in the church grounds chatting. I approached them both asking if they’d ever seen the picture before and if they ever prayed. As I went through the Jesus At The Door Equipping Card it became apparent one of the lads Si was more interested than the other. Simon, a 32 year old computer software programmer who worked close by, quizzically inquired as to what it would mean for him to follow Jesus. How would it look for him in his everyday life. 

As I explained he said he wanted that. He wanted to follow Jesus undeterred by his friend who honestly said I’m not ready for that. So I led Si in a prayer to give his heart to Jesus.


The next morning I was walking from my hotel across the Church yard. I heard a voice behind me and turned to see Si smiling from ear to ear shouting “Scott,” as he was excitedly running toward me. He said I thought that was you, and then went on to tell me how he had been feeling great since yesterday and had been thinking a lot about everything. 

I asked him if would like to come and meet me later after he finishes work. He said he would. As Si left for work I noticed a young girl in her early 20s had been sat on the grass and had clearly overheard our whole conversation. I approached her showing her the picture.  As I got to the part where I offer to pray for her she burst out crying. She gave her heart to Jesus there and then!

Later that evening, myself and Si spent a couple of hours together at the pub chatting more about the decision he had made, and what it means to be a Christian. Si has now been connected to St Paul's where he will begin to attend.

Robin Moore