I’m currently away on a Jesus At The Door equipping wk:end in the UK, and time and again I’ve felt the echo of Paul’s words from Romans 1:16 reverberating in my spirit. This beautiful Gospel really is the power of God unto salvation!

While everybody was setting up for Church this evening before the meeting began I invited a a young lad from the Church I was training to step outside with me and to stop passers by. We walked up and down the road a couple of times, and spoke to a few people, it went well, but no apples were quite ready to fall. So we pressed in, then I saw a man scurrying along on the other side of the road with his hood up, I nudged Josh and told him now it was his turn to take the lead. We approached (Michael), and Josh engaged him with the initial Jesus At The Door questions, he almost didn’t stop, I encouraged him to stay to hear Josh out. He stayed although clearly still unsure whether to commit, his face facing us but his body facing away. Josh ran through the points off of the Jesus At The Door card, and as we arrived at the Zacchaeus moment, Josh prayed for Michael to feel Jesus.

As he was doing this the Holy Spirit dropped the word loneliness into my spirit also giving me some context and background to this word of knowledge. As soon as I explained what the Lord had said Michael broke down! It was like the dam walls had burst and all his pent up pain was released in a moment.

It was no surprise to anyone to hear Michael say that he now believed Jesus were here and that he wanted to let him in. Michael prayed with us to give his life to Jesus. Taking his first step in the new direction (repentance) he immediately followed us back to Church. Here the Holy Spirit met with him in a beautiful way. He was forever changed. He immediately came to the front in front of everyone when I gave the altercall and stood by himself! Buy the end of the service he was worshiping Jesus with his hands in the air. All the while holding tightly onto his new flag some one from the congregation had kindly given him. The whole Church celebrated by dancing and singing for Joy as we welcomed our brother into his new family of Christ. He hugged me and said the words that reminded me why I do what I do. THANK-YOU....You don’t need to go to a foreign country to lead people to Jesus just walk outside your Church building and stop the first person you see. This news is too GOOD to be contained to the four walls of a building.

Scott McNamara