One of the team at MV wrote a great blog at check it out. This is taken from it;

The beauty of this tool is not just it’s simplicity, it’s that it seeks out those who are ready or already searching for Jesus.

It’s not a platform for religious debate or a lengthy apologetic of Christianity. If people are ready, we continue. If not, with grace, we walk away.

It is, after all, Jesus who saves. If they’re not ready, chances are even the most well rehearsed argument won’t persuade them in that moment. The pressure is off, all we have to do is ask the questions.

This is not a free-heaven-pass hand out either. One of the most important moments was ensuring we would have some way of contacting the people we met. The enemy will fight to win them back; we need to fight harder to keep them. We’re out to make disciples; people who will run the race, not stumble at the start line.

Robin Moore