A week later, Paul Lowe along with wife Steph, who lead this beautiful Church, messaged me with an update of the follow up.

Donna, who got saved on the Saturday, began to connect; this was in her own words.

"Come off the nasty drugs.

This has resulted instead of 13 tablets a day to 7.

Peace, fight and non-suicidal thoughts.

This has meant 4 hours of peaceful sleep instead of 30 minutes of painful sleep. One of my blood markers went from 130 last week to 31 this week" - amazing!

The Pastor went on to explain;

Her blood test is being redone just to make sure it’s not a fluke, because it’s such a dramatic turn around. Praise Jesus.

I spoke at the Sunday morning service and when I gave the appeal another 4 people respond.

One of those was Kyle who messaged me some days after to tell me;

“I've been feeling really good like more open, free and light, like the backpack isn't as heavy anymore”.

Robin Moore