After taking a group of around 20 people through our Jesus At The Door equipping sessions, we all headed out to Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester to put it into practice.

As I always do, we pray at the beginning in a group and then release the team to go in pairs.

When we met up 90 minutes later, amazing stories began to emerge. In all, 12 people met Jesus for the first time and are now in contact with members of Manchester Vineyard.


The stories which came out of that afternoon were truly humbling. Young people struggling with depression and anxiety looking for hope and finding it; a lady who had had a song in her head for weeks, discovered it was in fact a worship song and gave her life to Jesus. One of the host Church team after deciding to walk around the area and pray for everyone else, felt convicted to just give it a go once, met a guy, chatted through the card and he gave his life to Jesus.


One young man who was stopped, in answer to the question “Have you seen this picture before?” replied “Yes I’ve seen it!” Quizzically the team asked, "Really? Where?"

He quickly and confidently replied, "Jesus at the door, yeah! I got saved through that picture!!"

Robin Moore