On Friday evening a group of about 50 people, the majority extremely nervous due to having had zero experience sharing the gospel in this way, met at the Church in Valence for some Jesus At The Door Equipping Sessions.

The next morning we went onto the streets with a brave remnant, (16 people) of the original 50 turned up. We met before hand to pray. During this time there was a palpable air of heightened apprehension amongst these daring disciples. This was due to the previous nights dreams some had had.


Dreams of discouragement, dreams where they saw us all stood in the town centre huddled into a corner with nobody coming near us, as everyone was uninterested in our Jesus.

I shared how I had also been awoken in the night with demonic dreams. It was clear the devil was resisting our attempts.

We pressed in all the more assured of our pending victory of souls.

The pastor had told me that the population of Christians in France is less than 2%! 

Upon hearing those figures it didn’t make me feel anxious about the ability for breakthrough in France through the gospel.  If anything it got me excited at the vast potential for a mighty harvest of souls for our king!

Armed with our JAD Equipping Cards and our evangelism partner (The Holy Spirit) we attempted to do something this group of believers had never done before.

For 2 hours people nervously asked;

”Have you seen this picture before, and do you pray?” The result?

11 people gave their hearts to Jesus, touched by the power and presence of the Holy Sprit.

One 18 year old girl who was extremely shy and nervous was really struggling after the first hour. I spoke to her words of encouragement and then pointed out a girl who was walking past. I said, “Go to her.” She approached the girl and led her to Jesus in what was a beautiful moment. The young girl was filling with tears after her breakthrough.

Robin Moore