Great time being part of the New Wine Conference. I shared at 2 Jesus At The Door seminars and then took a group out onto the streets after! 

We saw 5 people open the door of their hearts in 40 mins on the streets of Sligo. The girl holding the JAD card was one of those that responded!




After taking a group of around 20 people through our Jesus At The Door equipping sessions, we all headed out to Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester to put it into practice.

As I always do, we pray at the beginning in a group and then release the team to go in pairs.

When we met up 90 minutes later, amazing stories began to emerge. In all, 12 people met Jesus for the first time and are now in contact with members of Manchester Vineyard.


The stories which came out of that afternoon were truly humbling. Young people struggling with depression and anxiety looking for hope and finding it; a lady who had had a song in her head for weeks, discovered it was in fact a worship song and gave her life to Jesus. One of the host Church team after deciding to walk around the area and pray for everyone else, felt convicted to just give it a go once, met a guy, chatted through the card and he gave his life to Jesus.

One young man who was stopped, in answer to the question “Have you seen this picture before?” replied “Yes I’ve seen it!” Quizzically the team asked, "Really? Where?"

He quickly and confidently replied, "Jesus at the door, yeah! I got saved through that picture!!"



Great fun to partner with another HTB plant St Swithan’s in Lincoln. After our equipping seasons we ventured out onto the streets. One hour on the streets we saw 5 people open the door of their hearts!



We got off to a great start when the man who sat next to me from Belfast to Lyon (although at first a little resistant) gladly opened his heart to Jesus and felt the presence of the Holy Spirit.




Here is Patric, 30 years a believer. His heart has been burning for the lost for some time and despite years of evangelising has never been able to lead someone to Jesus.

Patric went out armed with his Jesus At The Door Equipping Card and led his first person to Jesus within 30 mins!! 



After spending a few days in Valence I went to Paris to partner with a Church based in the centre of Paris. We had a room full of people gather on a Tuesday evening hungry to learn how to be more effective at soul winning. 

We spent 90 minutes on the streets of Paris and saw 4 people accept Jesus! The first person we approached as we left the building responded by giving a resounding YES to Jesus! He was a French actor named Olivier. 

People had told me France (& especially Paris), was to hard to reach!!

We must NEVER forget that The gospel IS the POWER of God unto salvation! 

We’ve been invited back already and are planning another trip in September.

LONDON - St. Paul's Hammersmith


I spent four days in London partnering with St Pauls Hammersmith. A wonderful Church situated right in the heart of London.

On Saturday morning I trained a group of about 40 people. In this group we had a few other HTB Vicars from the London boroughs also in attendance eager to learn how to grow their churches through evangelism.

On that Saturday we saw over 14 people come to know Jesus during a 2 hr period on the streets of Hammersmith. Many believers were empowered to step out and share this beautiful Gospel. 

What really stood out to me was the number of people who led people to Jesus for the very first time. It was wonderful to behold the joy upon the faces of these brave Christians, many stepping out in this way for the first time. 

LONDON - St. Paul's Hammersmith


As I left Church that evening I noticed two young men sitting in the church grounds chatting. I approached them both asking if they’d ever seen the picture before and if they ever prayed. As I went through the Jesus At The Door Equipping Card it became apparent one of the lads Si was more interested than the other. Simon, a 32 year old computer software programmer who worked close by, quizzically inquired as to what it would mean for him to follow Jesus. How would it look for him in his everyday life. 

As I explained he said he wanted that. He wanted to follow Jesus undeterred by his friend who honestly said I’m not ready for that. So I led Si in a prayer to give his heart to Jesus. 


The next morning I was walking from my hotel across the Church yard. I heard a voice behind me and turned to see Si smiling from ear to ear shouting “Scott,” as he was excitedly running toward me. He said I thought that was you, and then went on to tell me how he had been feeling great since yesterday and had been thinking a lot about everything. 

I asked him if would like to come and meet me later after he finishes work. He said he would. As Si left for work I noticed a young girl in her early 20s had been sat on the grass and had clearly overheard our whole conversation. I approached her showing her the picture.  As I got to the part where I offer to pray for her she burst out crying. She gave her heart to Jesus there and then!

Later that evening, myself and Si spent a couple of hours together at the pub chatting more about the decision he had made, and what it means to be a Christian. Si has now been connected to St Paul's where he will begin to attend.

LONDON - St. Paul's Hammersmith


I spoke at St Paul's Sunday services both morning and evening. After the morning gathering had finished a young shy girl in her 20s approached me, with tears streaming down her face. She told me, “This is what I know the Lord has been calling me to do”. I want to rescue people! I prayed for her and assured her she could do it. I sensed an evangelistic calling on her. 

At the beginning of the evening service the pastor opened with an invitation for people to share testimonies from the weekend. Then the young lady I had prayed for that morning stunned everybody as she gently relayed to the congregation how she had been so inspired by what she had heard that morning that she had left the meeting and approached a stranger to share the gospel with her. 

She then went on to tell us all that the lady she had stopped was in-fact the lady who is currently sat next to her. Wow!




Our first ever Jesus At The Door Equipping Day in Southern Ireland. 

Partnering with Life Church in Portlaoise we saw 20 people open the door of their hearts to Jesus in 90 minutes on the street! SO many amazing stories. 

I met a 17 year old lad stood outside the local courthouse. As I was sharing Jesus At The Door the Holy Spirit spoke a word of knowledge to my heart for this young man. I heard the Lord say that he was sat smoking weed with his friends the previous evening, and that he had  thought to himself I want more for my life.

He was SO blown away by this he said you have to come and let my mates hear this and pray for them also, they’re in the Barbers. So we walked round to the Barbers, he called them out of the shop and we shared Jesus At The Door with them. They both we’re also touched by the Spirit and also gave their hearts to the Lord! 



The past couple of months, Jesus At The Door has been visiting other nations.


This is just beautiful- sent to me from a lady who was part of a Jesus At The Door Equipping Day. She then took what she learnt to Uganda. 4 people opened the door of their hearts in one day!


A lady from France who had been equipped with Jesus At The Door took what she had learned to Sicily.



This is Alwyn from Northern Ireland on a mission trip to South Africa he led many to Jesus through the Jesus At The Door tool and excitedly shared his stories with me. 




A week later, Paul Lowe along with wife Steph, who lead this beautiful Church, messaged me with an update of the follow up.

Donna, who got saved on the Saturday, began to connect; this was in her own words.

"Come off the nasty drugs.

This has resulted instead of 13 tablets a day to 7.

Peace, fight and non-suicidal thoughts.

This has meant 4 hours of peaceful sleep instead of 30 minutes of painful sleep. One of my blood markers went from 130 last week to 31 this week" - amazing!

The Pastor went on to explain;

Her blood test is being redone just to make sure it’s not a fluke, because it’s such a dramatic turn around. Praise Jesus.

I spoke at the Sunday morning service and when I gave the appeal another 4 people respond.

One of those was Kyle who messaged me some days after to tell me;

“I've been feeling really good like more open, free and light, like the backpack isn't as heavy anymore”.




One of the team at MV wrote a great blog at https://lovemanchesterblog.org/- check it out. This is taken from it;

The beauty of this tool is not just it’s simplicity, it’s that it seeks out those who are ready or already searching for Jesus.

It’s not a platform for religious debate or a lengthy apologetic of Christianity. If people are ready, we continue. If not, with grace, we walk away.

It is, after all, Jesus who saves. If they’re not ready, chances are even the most well rehearsed argument won’t persuade them in that moment. The pressure is off, all we have to do is ask the questions.

This is not a free-heaven-pass hand out either. One of the most important moments was ensuring we would have some way of contacting the people we met. The enemy will fight to win them back; we need to fight harder to keep them. We’re out to make disciples; people who will run the race, not stumble at the start line.



On Friday evening a group of about 50 people, the majority extremely nervous due to having had zero experience sharing the gospel in this way, met at the Church in Valence for some Jesus At The Door Equipping Sessions.


The next morning we went onto the streets with a brave remnant, (16 people) of the original 50 turned up. We met before hand to pray. During this time there was a palpable air of heightened apprehension amongst these daring disciples. This was due to the previous nights dreams some had had.

Dreams of discouragement, dreams where they saw us all stood in the town centre huddled into a corner with nobody coming near us, as everyone was uninterested in our Jesus.

I shared how I had also been awoken in the night with demonic dreams. It was clear the devil was resisting our attempts.

We pressed in all the more assured of our pending victory of souls.

The pastor had told me that the population of Christians in France is less than 2%! 

Upon hearing those figures it didn’t make me feel anxious about the ability for breakthrough in France through the gospel.  If anything it got me excited at the vast potential for a mighty harvest of souls for our king!

Armed with our JAD Equipping Cards and our evangelism partner (The Holy Spirit) we attempted to do something this group of believers had never done before.


For 2 hours people nervously asked;

”Have you seen this picture before, and do you pray?” The result?

11 people gave their hearts to Jesus, touched by the power and presence of the Holy Sprit.

One 18 year old girl who was extremely shy and nervous was really struggling after the first hour. I spoke to her words of encouragement and then pointed out a girl who was walking past. I said, “Go to her.” She approached the girl and led her to Jesus in what was a beautiful moment. The young girl was filling with tears after her breakthrough.

LONDON - St. Paul's Hammersmith


Elizabeth, a prominent London journalist who has worked for the likes of National Geographic, told me how it had always been her lifelong dream to lead somebody  to Jesus. In her 20 years as a Christian she had never done so but following the Jesus At The Door equipping she found that quite effortlessly she was able to fulfill that dream. 


LONDON - St. Paul's Hammersmith


Emily, who is the worship leader at St Paul's, had been clearly struggling. I’d bumped into her and her evangelism partner and she was feeling frustrated at the lack of breakthrough. So I offered to partner with her for a time. She was able to watch as I led a lady to Jesus and she felt a little more encouraged. So off she went again.  Our time was closing in and with only minutes left before we had to head back to Church for our de-brief, she approached a man. This was her apple, she was able to take him all the way through Jesus At The Door and he responded and accepted Jesus. She was overjoyed. We’re living in John 4:35 days, where the harvest is plentiful. Therefore it is inconceivable that it would not happen.  

We will ALWAYS get the breakthrough but  sometimes we may have to dig a little deeper. 




This is Elana - on Saturday morning  she didn’t know Jesus, by Saturday afternoon she did - All because a group of believers (the majority doing it for the very first time), stepped out in their B.O. to share the Good News with people in their community! Here she is less than 24 hours later at church! The other Picture is of her giving her details to the team after Just accepting Jesus. #weshareheshakes #jesusatthedoor #jad🍎 #jadeireland




I’m currently away on a Jesus At The Door equipping wk:end in the UK, and time and again I’ve felt the echo of Paul’s words from Romans 1:16 reverberating in my spirit. This beautiful Gospel really is the power of God unto salvation!

While everybody was setting up for Church this evening before the meeting began I invited a a young lad from the Church I was training to step outside with me and to stop passers by. We walked up and down the road a couple of times, and spoke to a few people, it went well, but no apples were quite ready to fall. So we pressed in, then I saw a man scurrying along on the other side of the road with his hood up, I nudged Josh and told him now it was his turn to take the lead. We approached (Michael), and Josh engaged him with the initial Jesus At The Door questions, he almost didn’t stop, I encouraged him to stay to hear Josh out. He stayed although clearly still unsure whether to commit, his face facing us but his body facing away. Josh ran through the points off of the Jesus At The Door card, and as we arrived at the Zacchaeus moment, Josh prayed for Michael to feel Jesus.

As he was doing this the Holy Spirit dropped the word loneliness into my spirit also giving me some context and background to this word of knowledge. As soon as I explained what the Lord had said Michael broke down! It was like the dam walls had burst and all his pent up pain was released in a moment.

It was no surprise to anyone to hear Michael say that he now believed Jesus were here and that he wanted to let him in. Michael prayed with us to give his life to Jesus. Taking his first step in the new direction (repentance) he immediately followed us back to Church. Here the Holy Spirit met with him in a beautiful way. He was forever changed. He immediately came to the front in front of everyone when I gave the altercall and stood by himself! Buy the end of the service he was worshiping Jesus with his hands in the air. All the while holding tightly onto his new flag some one from the congregation had kindly given him. The whole Church celebrated by dancing and singing for Joy as we welcomed our brother into his new family of Christ. He hugged me and said the words that reminded me why I do what I do. THANK-YOU....You don’t need to go to a foreign country to lead people to Jesus just walk outside your Church building and stop the first person you see. This news is too GOOD to be contained to the four walls of a building.