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I have seen the power and love of the Holy Spirit move through Scott in a way I’ve only seen in a handful of people. So real, authentic, loving, and life changing! This ministry has such a unique and strategic touch from God on it. I cannot wait to see what God is going to do with Jesus At The Door!
— Brian "Head" Welch, KoRn

Our passion is to raise harvest expectation levels and equip the Church to reap ripe souls. I’ve learned - as a full time Evangelist - those who are truly looking for God, don't always look like they are.

Open your spiritual eyes and begin to see the lost through heaven’s lens. (JN 4:35)

See the modern-day ‘Zacchaeus’. Perched. Ripe. Waiting to be caught. 

The Great Co-mission was in fact the Great Invitation. We have ALL been called to partner with the Lord of the harvest. Catch the fruit already prepared by our Father. (JN6:44)

Success demands 4 things from every blood-bought believer: stand up, jump in, let go and give it away. 

Don’t sit on the sidelines. Jump in the game. Let go of your fears and give people Jesus.

‘GO into all the world and make disciples’. (MATT28:19)

Jesus At The Door equips people to join an army of reapers. 

How can you make disciples if you are not yet one? Start with yourself and then look beyond!